SEIKO PRESAGE Mechanical SARX027 セイコー プレサージュ メカニカル琺瑯ダイヤル 渡辺力デザインモデル

・very beautiful and elegant.

I particularly like the length of the hands as they touch the markers, it makes the watch seem more like a precise insrtument

・Like the SARX027 I bought, the watch in your video has significant enamel loss around the date window.  I don’t mind that, but your watch also seems to have very poor alignment of the date numerals inside the date opening.  That would be unacceptable if I purchased a watch like that.  Check the video at 0:49.

・why couldn’t that have come out with this watch a few years back?!?! this is exactly what i wanted but now i have too many watches to justify another purchase.

Please explain to me why there are plus and minus signs at 0:25? Sorry for my English.

・the seconds hand is the only flaw

・There are a lot of things about this watch I like.  The case-band is convex and polished but the bezel ring is notched in above it.  That gives it sort of an abstract drum shape I like a lot.  The dial and hands of course are beautiful and I’m especially glad Seiko didn’t clutter up the looks of the chapter markings with fractional second tick marks.  Those are so useless and ruin the clean look on the Urushi model with a black face (SARX029).  Best of all, there isn’t an independent chapter ring in cheap looking plastic like so many Seikos for sale right now.