《ENG-Sub》TOUGE全開チェック!! M4 & RCF 峠最強伝説【Best MOTORing】2015

・Damn, I wanted to see that M4 in that matchup before the retirement of suspension failure.





・Hell yeah english subtitle!!!! Thank you so much 😆


・RCF very sexy

Small upgrades make a drastic difference in the RCF.

・yep needs english sub

・Love the videos! Needs English subtitles please.


・Thank you for the English subtitles






・Eff fraaa ruuu! Lol love it!

・26.642! that’s faster than I expected!

・Lexus RC-F track edition wins! 😎😎

・thankyou for providing english subtitle😀

・RC F 👑

・I love my rcf.
I know there are faster lighter stuff out there but 🤷‍♂️
Japanese rwd and v8…

・English subtitles??


・ザ ファブルから来た


・Lexus/toyota has been making very interesting cars lately. It;s amazing how such heavy cars can be so fast with great handling as well as luxury characteristics.

・English subtitles plz

・bmw already broken down




・Engine: V8 DOHC Aero/bodykit: LEXON

max output: 477 horsepower at 7100rpm Tire: ADVAN NEOVA AD08R/ F255/ 35R19 R275/35R19

max torque: 54.0kgm at 4800-5600rpm    wheel: ADVAN GT F9.5J+50 R10.5J+25

ECU: normal

Damper: HKS Hipermax

Breaks: Endless MX72





・What the hell happened with the bm…race or not.???

・How can you compare an automatic rc f to a manual m4

・Needs Americano Subtitles..Plz




・Шляпа какая то

・It appears the driver front brake rotor is rotating in the wrong direction per the brake rotor vane geometry @ 0:37



・they have Lexus in Japan now?😕 i thought it would have been badged a Toyota😕

・If it was a dct m4,,it wouldve won the drag race