〈ENG-Sub〉峠バトル!! 新型NSX vs. ドリキンNSX-R【Hot-Version】2017

・New NSX is too American, couldnt agree more

・The older NSx is way nicer looking n my opinion, it’s the one I would rather own.

・Tsuchiya roasting the hell out of the new Nsx is very entertaining

・Dk : we can’t tell you how to turn off VSC.

Narrator proceed to tell how to turn off.

・Power is not the only thing to make up sports car.

Dynamic manoeuvrability is the core

I love this quote


・The ‘old’ NSX-R is such a beauty!


・New NSX has lots of electronic stuff
Old NSX-R has DK Tsuchiya unleashed

Guess who wins? 😁


・Charismatic cars are sadly rare these days but petrolheads are more united than ever.

These videos remind us why we love cars and the subtitles give all us fans in the world a chance to understand the passion Japan has for cars – so thank you to the people who translate these videos, and thanks Best Motoring team for recognising all your fans worldwide!

Enjoy happy car life for ever❤🚗🗻

・I hope everybody at Honda watches this.

・16:48 NSX coming closer and closer at corners, oh wait mine is NSX too. Lol.

・give back nsx to the japanese people. let them built it.

・”That means set up is aiming for every driver can enjoy sporty driving.”

“The American taste, maybe.”


・I love these Japanese cars from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, they carry soul in their design philosophy. The new NSX is typical of an American designed car, focused on power only.




・DK is really damn serious about the race this time…


・”It doesn’t allow us to have conversation with the car.” – NOB 😔



・You can see DK’s love for the original NSX. He roasts the new one and tells Honda to really brush up more.

・Remember the phrase:
_supercars with electronic controls are sh*t in touges_





・Old NSX-R is real NSX.
” 本物のNSXはこれ(旧型)だ “

・Absolutely love this show, with English subtitles it’s perfect!

・Thank you for english subtitles. That battle was incredible to watch.



・I’ll take the original, it also sounds much nicer. I missed most of the subtitles whenever that cutie was on screen 🙂


・i just love this middle finger to new cars from the old ones.



・最新技術を否定しているのではなく、事実として旧型NSX Type-Rの方がパワー以外の性能や魅力があるのであって決して懐古厨では無い

・El mejor auto japonés
The Best car of Japan

We Salute.. 🇲🇽